Urban Design
The Art Of Open Spaces
Hello! I'm a final year planing student doing dissertation on the above topic.
i have collected many articles but the fact is i can get only case studies of foreign countries. Is there any stuff related to Indian context?
Friends can you help me in taking out this!!!
Gokila Vijayalakshmi
The Art Of Open Spaces
associate with vikram and upload, as hardly indian or other open spaces has in depth studt in digital format.
Dushyant Nathwani
The Art Of Open Spaces
hi vijay lakshmi, dushyant is right. there is no such material documented yet. I am just doing a small assignment on it. i too need to present it on Indian context. if we study on history of urban planning in india dates back to 3000 BC we can get some info on design of open spaces. if you have done anything you can share it. we'll discuss on it here.
Vikkram Gotluru


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