Urban Design
urbanisation or distruction
in the view of current urban planning and design practice we are constanly relating to superimposition than accomodation ... its non synergetic and always driven by economics of space and land than of human values...would we continue.....
Rupali Vaidya
urbanisation or distruction
Hi Rupali...

you are right...economics is the key dictator in the present era.

what can we do?
Sriraj Gokarakonda
urbanisation or distruction
hi rupali
i am very well agreed, bt we have another solution for that?
wt woud we do, if we can't do this?
Sourab Daroch
urbanisation or distruction
As far as I can see, sooner or later the ever-spreading urban sprawl of most large cities will collapse under the sheer weight of numbers. because there will come a time when people spend more time travelling to and from work than in actually working and this break-point is almost here when people spend three hours to get to work, work for eight hours and then spend another three hours going home.

Therefore would it not be better simply to have linear cities (not a new idea) which allow people shorter journey times to and from work and thus not just more time, but simply time to pause and enjoy being alive.
Frank John Snelling
urbanisation or distruction
i do see it as urbanisation, due to the fact we are not static world, therefore there is need to improve on the existing situation to put it on human scale.
Enock Kaweesi


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