Accessible Design
museum for blind
hi iam doing final year architecture
and i am doing museum for visually challenged as my thesis ... i would like to do with their other senses of visually challenged... please any one refer me to proceed with this idea with valuable case studies in india
Vishnu Piriyaa
museum for blind
Hi, Please specify what do you mean by museum? Is it to be designed for blind people or for general people who can understand blind people.

I would suggest you cover your eyes for
2 day and live as if you are blind.
Note down each and every small dificulty
which you face. You will be able to think more sensitively towards your topic.
Good luck.
Meehaj Thakkar
museum for blind
it is to be designed for blind people...thank u soo much for ur idea...kindly sugest me any case studies to proceed....
Vishnu Piriyaa
museum for blind
View Larger Map Good luck
Furqan Khatri
museum for blind
hi furquan khatri
thanks for ur links...ia m huting for the architectural aspects or that kanus gallery picture... i am doing study abu the low vission people colour same planning to do some study abu how visually impaired person percive the objects.. so kindly help me out to doing this process...
Vishnu Piriyaa
museum for blind
hi vishnu im doing the same thing for my thesis.i was doing research on multi sensory spaces n then i came up with an idea museum for blind. we both can share info and help each other out. my u can mail me on ""
Syed Saqib
museum for blind
hi syed, thanks for ur response...i just trying to derive architecture for blind in my museum.. where they can move well as planning to design a building to show the visually challenged world for the sighted people.regarding this any one can give me some idea please!!!
Vishnu Piriyaa
museum for blind
Hi there,

I'm doing some research on visual impairment and architecture and I am wondering if your thesis is available to reference?

Kind Regards,
Crystal Michele
museum for blind
One of the most rewarding experiences I have had is in 1990 when I went to hear a modern composer playing the organ in a Prague Church. There was no heating in the Church and to make the experience more bearable I closed my eyes and simply listened to the music and then I felt the way the music flowed and wove sound patterns. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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