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Mobile Floating museum and Youth centre
Hi all,
Im doing my thesis on mobile floating museum along with youth centric cultural centre in Delhi.
Im looking for case studies and suggestions regarding the structure and guidelines (for floating).
any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.
thank you.
Rachit Srivastava
Mobile Floating museum and Youth centre
Rachit, the idea of a "mobile floating museum" sounds rather strange, because if the vessel sank it would probably ruin the museum artifacts.

As regards structure, it sound as though you want a pontoon platform of one or more levels, moored to the sea shore or river bank. Given that you are calling it a mobile floating museum, then this is a vessel you want to be able to move from time to time, so some degree of underwater streamlining is needed, rather than just a box floating in the water. So a converted river barge may be what you want.
Frank John Snelling


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