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total internal reflection
i am working on a concept of total internal reflection of light along the corridor of a community center that connects to spaces like museum, exhibition hall, etc., is there any project that i can look into for help.? or if u can suggest how can this idea work well??
The light gets reflected by a water body at one end of the corridor and that keeps travelling throughout the length of the corridor striking at various points along the walls of the corridor.
Rahul Daftary
total internal reflection
Sorry I cannot help with any projects that may help you achieve this. However, I have one concern. In using water bodies to reflect light there is the possibility of producing uncomfortable glare should this lie within the field of vision of the viewer at any time. Measures may have to be taken to achieve your effect without direct view of the water body which could be uncomfortable
Augustine Owusu-Ansah
total internal reflection
Rahul, Perhaps you should go for lighting under the surface of the water, rather than reflecting light off the surface of the water.
Frank John Snelling


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