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hospital design
I m 4 yr student in architecture frm i have a design problem as hospital for my academic year can any one plz elaborate me about the various services of hospital...
Farzan Juwle
hospital design
Farzan, Hospitals are places where the sick and injured come to be treated to make them healthy. Sickness and injury can be physical or mental, or both.

Beds and wards are the places where the sick and injured are treated back to health every day by nurses. Doctors diagnose the sickness or injury to be treated either with nursing care, or by the use of medicines or surgery.

Operating theatres are used by surgeons to operate upon the sick and injured to make them healthy or as healthy as possible.

The special technological services in hospitals assist the doctors in diganosing what is wrong with the sick and injured. For example, X-Rays (and today Body Scans) allow the doctors to check inside the body for problems and the Pathology Laboratories which examine and analyse specimens from the sick and injured which show the physical and biological nature of diseases down to molecular level.

Then there are "domestic services" and these are the kitchens, laundry and hospital supply stores.
Frank John Snelling


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