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primary school
i am a student of arch.
we are about to design a primary school.
but before i start the design i wish to know all basic concept for this design..
i wish to play with light and color,as children gets attracted to it,even levels a given emphasis as they enjoy it.
but apart from ma basic design i wish to do it something differently (i'm not asking about handicap requirement as that will be included as well).
i wish to make it more interesting may be making class room like that,they can be seen or entered from all sides may be even floor can be raised to a level and glass can be provided at few places to see though...
please suggest me how?
Jyoti Bhogal
primary school
Jyoti, just a few thoughts. I went to a primary school in England in the late 1950s and this school was built in the Victorian period. The main feature was that the windows in the classrooms were above the height of children standing, so while light was let into the classrooms, no one was able to look out of the windows and so attention was focused upon the teacher and the lessons. I do not know if this was an intentional part of the design.

A few years later when I was in the first year of my secondary education (aged 12)and at another more modern school. The windows were much lower although not low enough to look outside in the seated position, but there was a lot of sky and trees to look at. I remember this because I recall being told by the teacher not to "day dream" in the lesson.

The point I make is that children can easily be distracted by the outside.
Frank John Snelling
primary school
Jyoti Bhogal,
I hope you done well I am a student of arch. i m going to design a primary school.Before I start I wanna know from you that what are the main things you gave more importance for your school?
Tasmia Rahman


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