Accessible Design
I am in my final year of architecture, Mumbai. I am doing my thesis on an experience through the metro rail. So for creating the experience I am give design guidelines for the buildings which would go under redevelopment along the route. But these guide lines would be different for different types of building. I would actually like to know that what I am trying to do is it a forced experience and should not go ahead with this topic or would it be a good topic to discuss on? As people say that experience is very subjective.
Raj Kansara
Raj, Given that the metro rail acts like a thread through the urban landscape, surely this thread stitches together diparate parts of the city and so you should use a thematic approach to your design guidelines.

In this way, the redevelopment both celebrates the metro rail system by echoes in major and minor themes.
Frank John Snelling
Hi Raj, The buildings, stations, do not forget to included the latest The Chinese concept - the train that never stop at stations.
Premalal Felix Perera


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