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THESIS TOPIC - Projects in UAE
hi new here in archnet forum.i am student frrom offshore campus birla institute of technology,ras al khaimah,UAE...right now i am doing my 16 weeks period internship in an office .i am asked to submit 3 thesis topic . so can any1 help me in suggesting the would be really helpful if sum1 from dubai or anypart of UAE can help me in gettin the project which are in conceptual stage..becoz tht would give me the requirement and the proposed site.
Ali Khwaja
THESIS TOPIC - Projects in UAE
Ali, what about a garden building like the "hanging gardens of Babylon"?

Given that shade, foliage and water help to create comfortable micro-climates for people in dry climates and as I have seen a number of courtyards in dry climates shaded by the leaves of vines (including a stairway in the `Generalife` garden of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain), perhaps you could design a series of foliage-shaded courtyards, which either need not be connected, or could be connected by a complex arrangement of doorways rather like movable stage sets which would allow for multiple configurations and uses of the spaces.

The above may sound rather obvious, but classic, timeless, architecture is about designing spaces that are functional, comfortable and aesethetic.
Frank John Snelling


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