Urban Design
Hi all,

Can anyone refer me any good books to understand the basics of Urban Design. I'm very much interested in the topic but i know very little about it
Avjeet Singh
Avjeet, I would imagine that as this is such a large subject because it spans the whole world and the past 10,000 years that there is no quick answer to your question.

However, you do need to start somewhere, so you could try (a) "History of Urban Form" by AEJ Morris, published by Longman, (b) "Arabic-Islamic Cities" by Besim Selim Hakim, published by KPI and (c) "Crisis in the Built Environment" by James Akbar, published by Concept Media, and (d) "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" by Jane Jacobs, published by Penguin Books and (e) "Utopia on Trial" by Alice Coleman, published by Hilary Shipman.
Frank John Snelling


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