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animal behaviour with respect to its habitat
hi doing my undergraduate thesis on improved habitation condition for animals ( modern zoo )..can anyone please suggest some case studies or reference related to this .
archi moose
animal behaviour with respect to its habitat
Archi, You could try surfing for organisations who are interested either (a) in preserving natural environments (which help wild animals to survive in their natural habitats), or in (b) conserving endangered species, because many if not most "Zoos" (aka Zoological Gardens) now concentrate upon breeding animals and building up animal stocks to release back into the wild.

Therefore, the emphasis in zoos today is to mimic the natural environment both by reproducing natural surroundings and by encouraging the animals to behave as they would in the wild. For instance, food is not now dumped in a trough, but partially hidden, so the animals have to hunt or search for the food before eating it.
Frank John Snelling


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