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museum of light and emotions
Hello !
i have as a graduation project a museum of light and emotions , its intent is to create, by using light, emotional spaces ... I'm having trouble finding a theme , or a concept to build my project on ..
I was trying to create a path , or a theme for my different exhibitions .. but can't seam to find one related to light ...i thought of finding a story , and creating it as sequences of exhibitions .. like Alice in onderland , but one related to light , or emotions . i'm getting frustrated ... if anyone can help !!
thank you
Racha El amine
museum of light and emotions
Racha, you could try adapting the Greek story of creation. I do not know the story, but I have read that the oldest of the Greek Gods was called "Chaos" (because chaos comes before order). Therefore, you could start your design with a chaotic space or a chaotically lit space and gradually transform the chaos (the incoherence) of space and light into various forms of coherent light, such as the visible spectrum and even using ultra-violet and infra-red lighting.
Frank John Snelling
museum of light and emotions
As a starting point, perhaps this poem from Hafiz might help you? It takes into account both light and emotion (love):

Even after all this time,
The Sun never says to the Earth,
"You owe me".
Look what happens with a love like that:
It lights up the whole sky!
Nandini Rao
museum of light and emotions
Dear Racha - you may want to look into the concept and execution of 'The Garden of 5 Senses'in New Delhi. Its designed by Architect Pradeep Sachdeva. You could contact the gentleman. Its an award winning design which had modulated spaces to evoke different sensations. Hope it helps ...
Somi Chatterjee


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