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Hi, I am a V year architecture student and my thesis is coming up.
I have 3 topics as options for my thesis.
They are:
Centre for Performing Arts
School for Art/ Architecture/Music (or) School for Alternate Education.
Indian Embassy

While I have these topics as options, I'm having trouble regarding the sites for each of them.
This brings me to my question.
How do I go about searching/ selecting a site for the project? Does anybody know of any possible sites I could use?
The internet does not help much and I do not know who to ask.
Any information regarding any of the topics would be of great help ( tips, What to do, not to do, your experience)

If you could help me out, that'd be great! Thanks.
Manasvini Hariharan
Site for Thesis
Manasvini, Do you mean real life sites? or do you mean imaginary sites?
Frank John Snelling
Site for Thesis
The site information depends on the place and authority building it. Go to the development authority offc. and they can give you a feasibility report on the topic and relevant site information.
Where are these projects located ?
I can give you a better idea then.
Ridhima Gupta
Site for Thesis
@Frank, a live site. Not an imaginary one.
I have zeroed in on a cultural center for my topic.

@Riddhima: Thank you for that! I shall try to contact them. I would like to look for a site either in, near Chennai, Pondicherry or in Mumbai, Pune.
Manasvini Hariharan
Site for Thesis
Which Subject related Thesis topic is good?
Akshay Chakrawar
Site for Thesis
Which Subject related Thesis topic is good?
Akshay Chakrawar


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