Islamic Architecture
Articles about the Alhambra Palace
I'm writing an essay about the Alhambra palace for my Arabic course, but I'm having trouble finding articles in about the subject in Arabic! I was wondering if anyone could recommend scholarly articles in Arabic about the Alhambra palace, al-Andalus or Islamic architecture in general. Any particularly interesting articles in English are welcome too!
Thank you!
Alyssa Gregory
Articles about the Alhambra Palace
Alyssa, You might like to track down a copy of "The Legacy of Muslim Spain" edited by Salma Khadra Jayyusi, published by Brill in two volumes in 1992, 1994. The publisher "Brill" is E.J.Brill, Leiden, The Netherlands.

The dedication inside is "The preparation of this book has been sponsored by the AGA KHAN TRUST FOR CULUTRE Geneva".
Frank John Snelling
Articles about the Alhambra Palace
Alyssa, Oops! that should be the "Aga Khan Trust for Culture". I find I am slightly dyslexic when typing.
Frank John Snelling


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