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Tips & Tricks for Autodesk AutoCAD 2000-2004
As a CAD user, I know very well that most users of software applications use only a limited set of the software features and despite developers adding more functions in new software releases many of these are still not used or even known about. Yet these simple functions can not only make designing easier but also have a dramatic improvement on design productivity - To help ArchNet members, it is worth to discuss or make a list of the most useful such as: MTEXT Zooming, Automatic Panning, Mirror, Rotate, Trim Extends ...........
Mohamed Hamaiza
Tips & Tricks for Autodesk AutoCAD 2000-2004
Yes, dear Mohamed!

To know more commands really helps a lot... In fact we are generally not aware of even some very basic commands and waste our energy in lengthy procedures. Commands like boundary, block, fillet etc. help us avoid even trim/extend etc.

Certainly this forum can help all of us hone our knowledge of CAD. But a better idea would be to be more objective in approach and discuss commands in particular.

Wishing for the best,
P Das
Tips & Tricks for Autodesk AutoCAD 2000-2004
Dear Mohamed,

More productivity does not come from knowing more commands. it comes with having a system that you adapt over a period of time to your needs.

However i would advise you if you feel that you had used all the basics of autocad, and was not enough, to start exploring the use of external refrences and paper space. They will change your life.

All respects
Ahmed Sabry
Tips & Tricks for Autodesk AutoCAD 2000-2004
Dear Ahmed,
Thank you for your comments. However,
next time you want to perform a Trim
followed by an Extend or vice versa, don't bother doing this with two separate commands. Instead, after loading the Trim or Extend command and performing the initial operation, hold down the shift and the command will reverse its functionality.( First Tip)
Mohamed Hamaiza
Tips & Tricks for Autodesk AutoCAD 2000-2004
Quite an interesting topic, Mohamed.

After using autocad since autocad r12 till 2004, I've realized that I've been using the same method of drawing no matter what kind of accessories the developers introduce. But I usually customize the commands (you can do this using the customize keyboard feature, or do the traditional way: edit file acad.pgp). This way, you won't have to lift your left hand across the keyboard to type a certain command and just stick to one part (and risk carpal tunnel syndrom :D), but you'll work very, very efficiently.
Azari Mat Yasir
Tips & Tricks for Autodesk AutoCAD 2000-2004
Good subject to discuss, I have published my first tips and tricks book in 2003, and for the new AutoCAD releases 2004 and 2005 I have prepared some free e-booklets just to spreed the knowledge. If any would like to get this e-booklets just drop me a line to this e-mail add.

Thanks to all
Mohammed Alqaq
Tips & Tricks for Autodesk AutoCAD 2000-2004

Dear Mohamed, as far as I know you must do a lot of practice with the keyboard command. Such as REC, CP, M, EX, TR, EXT, MI, ARR, PE, PL, L, A, H, F, and a lot more. But usually, for me, is more less that I was saying. It's really so effective and faster with that.

Farid Nazaruddin
Tips & Tricks for Autodesk AutoCAD 2000-2004
Dear Mohammed,

Even though I'm very new in AutoCAD, I use it for my architectural drafting. What about AutoCAD 2005: Isn't it so much faster and easier?

By the way my favorite useful commands are ARC & OFFSET. I just start to learn AutoCAD 3D, I'd like to hear some tips about it if you don't mind.

Thank you,
Have a nice day.
Izvar Dayan
Tips & Tricks for Autodesk AutoCAD 2000-2004
Asalamu alikum ...

Thanks for this important topic for AutoCAD users. A site which might help intreseted people very much is "" where you can find whats new in AutoCAD 2006, Tips&Tricks in diffrent versions, and where also you can get a weekly CAD digest in your private mail about new AutoCAD tips or whatever you choose. Hope that could help ... Thank you,
Mahy Mourad


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