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Thesis: War Museum
I'm working on my final year project, war museum, and would be grateful if anyone could send me photographs and images of war...and any insights and comments are welcome.
Sandip Ramakrishnan
Thesis: War Museum
My dear,
War is everywhere in this world!!!
Salem Yousif Al Qudwa
Thesis: War Museum
Dear Sandip,

I am really curious to know how did you manage not to see war pictures till this moment?
Karim Elgendy
Thesis: War Museum

Dear Sandip,

Hi there,

First I'd like to wish you all the success in your graduation project, but you didn't mention the main theme of your museum; I mean if it'll deal with war in general during the humanity history, or major wars ( like World War I & II ) or even regional war ( like American Civil War).


Any how I'd like to talk generally about the Concept itself as I think that the main goal of a " museum war " is to present to the visitors how bad wars are and to be educated that war is not the right solution for the problems that we face.


About the design process, I think that you can choose a main theme that your museum will talks about ( for example: World War ) and then you have small themes that are related to it; i.e. to establish a " time-line " for the war you'll present in your museum, and each time can be presented in one or more gallery, and for sure that will be according to the concept/philosophy of your design.


A very important thing - from my pint of view - that your design process must not only focus on the building ( the mass ), but it must have a vision for the relation between the mass and the urban context in which the museum will be found in; I mean that this context must play a role/contributes with the museum's activities, and this can be fulfilled by installing some kind of " main activity " which is presented in the public/urban space of the museum, and this can be around something like a " Landmark " of the museum which have temporary exhibitions, which changes from time to time with different themes about the war which can be attended all the year by the people, while the main or permanent exhibitions are being held inside the museum ( the building / mass ) itself.


Of course I can't drop/bypass the role of Landscape for this museum and how it'll contribute in both the presentation of your idea and the activity that well be held in the museum public/urban space.


The Library is a very important part of the museum, and the audio-visual aspect for the presentation should be taken in consideration, as we are already in the 21st century, so the latest technology should be used and I think that some kind of Virtual Reality (VR) could be found somehow there ( I mean inside the galleries ).


Also may be it's important to have your museum also in zones; I mean that different people from various ages will attend the museum, so it's a good idea to have this zoning because what attract kids will differ from what will attract youths��etc, so the circulation will play a great role in your design.


Also it's important to have a vision for the feasibility/economic aspect of the museum, which is not only from the tickets to enter the museum, but you can add the income from the temporary exhibitions, and I think that the museum must have a space for selling stuff about the war you'll present ( books, CDs // DVDs // T-Shirts // clothes // toys for kids // selling products or models for equipment of war �� etc), and this income can participates in the process of maintenance of the museum on the long run.


* * * * * * *


Well I must apologize as this might be a quite long taking about the design process, but I just want to share you with my thoughts, but hey I think that those elements can be easily established what ever the area of you museum is.


Finally, I'll here's a list for some online resources that I hope they would be useful for you, and it's a good idea to look at the ArchNet's Digital Library.


General Reference

Specified/Individual References


Wishing you all the best,
Good luck,

Hicham Maged
Thesis: War Museum
Thank you very much for your responses. I've come across war on the internet, but it all seems to be one dimensional, all from the western point of view, which I do not think is honest. I feel even our texts are biased, and don't give the full picture.

Like Mr. Salem Yousef Said, war is everywhere and it is wrong. We are in the 21st century and are more educated, more technologicaly advanced and almost linked together through the internet. This should allow us to get closer and more tolerant, but the opposite seems to be happening.

I want to thank Mr. Maged. Your response was extremely helpful and the links were very informative. I was not bored by your write up, it was great and if you have any more suggestions, I would be glad. I was inspired to look into a war gallery for my project after I came across Daniel Libeskind's Imperial War Museum in Manchester. I think it's the only one of its kind and is brilliant. And I thought, how would I respond to such a project?

Anyway, thank you all for writing in.
Sandip Ramakrishnan
Thesis: War Museum
I have also selected the thesis topic "war museum;" could help me where is the site selected, and the possible places for case studies?
Gopa Kumar


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