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School for the blind
I've been going to different schools to see and analyse how blind people and partialy blind people react practically in a given situation. i've aso thought of other senses and got some information on aromated plants and sense of touch etc.
if anybody of u know more on the subject, so plz. mail.
Nista Dugar
School for the blind
Hi Nista

I think that it would be wise to start by doing some categories. A school for the blind may include totally blind people as well as partially blind etc. I feel that one great way to find out about the architecture for the blind is to actually go and visit existing schools and observe how the people use the space. Then ask questions not only of the teachers/staff but also the students. I found out that for me this was to way to do this type of research.

Also another factor is even if you cannot find an "architectural" set of regulations that you can create your own based on your visits. Remember that the other senses should be enhanced so textures (plants, walls etc), sounds (wind in trees, water, hollow floor materials etc) and so on should be explored.

For the visually impaired certain colours are softer on the eyes etc. Some paint companies may even have this information for you.

Good luck and have fun with your research!
Sharni Bullock
School for the blind
hi nista,
we have got a design problem whose theme was also school for blind and i have got a relevant data on this topic
mail me at
Jay Padalia
School for the blind

Dear Nista,

Hello there.


Well I see that the real communication with people at any place gives the architect a different vision, or let me say help him to improve/develop his scope of thinking much more than just sitting at an office and design for people that he even know nothing about them.


I think that beside the basic data about handicapped and blind people, it's important to communicate with those people and see how do they react with the space around them, and this might help you - with help of some social and may be others - to make establish/understand rules from this real interact, so the final design come at the end fulfilling there needs. [ i.e. The Need is the mother of all Inventions ].


I also think that it's important that this design focuses on using the other sense ( hearing, touching ��. ) and some I don't know if there're some computer-aided applications that might be installed in the building, to improve the ability of those people beside there normal sense to understand better.


Wishing you all the best,

Good Luck.


Hicham Maged
School for the blind
Hi Sharni,
I had looked into mostly all the topics related to sensitive design aspect for the school for blind, but I coud'nt get material on type of flooring systems. I would like some guidance from you, if you know how I can get the information.
(Posted by Nista Dugar)
Shiraz Allibhai
School for the blind
You might be interested in:
Regional Library for the blind an Physically Handicapped, Illinois, by Stanley Tigerman.One reference for this and use of colour in such buildings:

Tom Porter, Architectural Colour, A Design Guide to using Color on
buildings,Whitney, New York, 1982, pp 70-71.

There, Tigerman esplains that the meaning of blindness is not specifically total blind, so some can see at least some images or shades, therefore colour design has a crucial role for them, to be able to find the opennings, like doors, etc.

Also for flooring, using different materials is important, the rate of absorption of sounds is quite important. Therefore changes in space can be perceived by the change of the sounds, which means change of material.

Good Luck,
Susan Habib
Susan Habib


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