Theory and Criticism
Relationship of music and architecture
What are the different approaches to the study of the relationship between these two art forms?
Saifullah Siddiqui
Relationship of music and architecture
there are some relationships between architecture & music . rhythm is one them . totally we understand architecture in space & understand music in time.
Nasim Iranmanesh
Relationship of music and architecture
Also, compared to the rest of the art forms which may not necessarily be 'abstract' at all times (like painting) these two are. Even if we look at lyrics being 'figuratuve' in a sense, the music will nonetheless be enjoyed even without them.
Leena Ahmed
Relationship of music and architecture
One approach is to consider architecture through the language of music - words used to consider the quality of music: tone, texture, density, vibration, meter, etc. Research in music theory is a starting point.

See Stretto House by Steven Holl - he translated the movement of a classical music piece into architectural form - a gestural translation of a musical score.

I used another approach in my MArch thesis project at the BAC, by considering the open-ended scoring methods of experimental composers to develop flexible architecture.
Jenn Campbell
Relationship of music and architecture
Maryanne Amacher composes her music based within a particular architectural setting...
Kelly Jo Cigman
Relationship of music and architecture
Firstly here is a quotation from `Thinking Architecture` by `Architect Peter Zumthor` :
`Architecture is always concrete matter. Architecture is not abstract,
but concrete. A plan, a project drawn on paper is not architecture but
merely a more or less inadequate representation of architecture,
comparable to sheet music. Music needs to be performed.
Architecture needs to be executed. Then its body can come into
being. And this body is always sensuous.`

So whatever the art form, the artwork has to come into being, and which is sensuous. This sensibility of art is same for all the art forms. Till when an artwork is not beyond the technology and craftsmanship, that can`t be treated as artwork. That means when a building is being constructed then it`s different from any other means of art. Simultaneously, when a music is being composed the technology of composing is different from other art works. But when a music is being performed then it gives a sense, a definite feeling; again when a built architecture is experienced it also gives a sense and definite feeling to the users. All means of art are same here, when it is executed, when it is being experienced by people.
Mohammad Tauheed
Relationship of music and architecture
The Building Music Project: A program of discussions and concerts co-hosted by the Getty Center and LA Philharmonic about the relationship between music and architecture.

See the online broadcast page of radiostation KCRW-Santa Monica's program Design and Architecture for more information.
Michael Ramage
Relationship of music and architecture
Margarita Casado
Relationship of music and architecture
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Margarita Casado
Relationship of music and architecture
think of a symphony....think of the conductor, think of the musicians, think of the audience and think of the stage. then think of the paper on which the music is written on.

the architect is analogous to the conductor, the musicians to every tool and material that he has in his power and the paper that the music is written on are to his 'drawings'.and the world as his audience.

both these people can use what is at thier diposal to bring forth something that could produce deep emotions or nothing at all.

the root is the fundamentals of human appreciation....understandable order.adherence and divergence to that order or some other aspect that reaches out and touches the person it comes into contact with.........just my thoughts....
Ahmed Asad Zuberi
Relationship of music and architecture
rythem and pitch can invock soul in music listioners to a perticular elevation,the same way visual rythem of forms and spaces in architecture with pitched elements like colour and texture can elevate soul to boundryless and timeless class architecture.
Dushyant Nathwani
Relationship of music and architecture
Hi there, thanks for the fair responses. i do research on the topic lately and i demand some built works that are relevant for further information.
Behnam Barzegar
Relationship of music and architecture
hello am starting my thesis in music and architecture so plz if u have some information plz help me
Mudassar Amir Rajpoot
Relationship of music and architecture
Music is the very different part and its opposite part is architecture which is only construction site.
Kalis Peter
Relationship of music and architecture
Architecture and music are both products of cultural. They both reflect the same values and aspects of society and culture.
In 1980, I was doing a research for my Masters of Architecture at Ain Shams University, Egypt on the relationship between architecture and music. I was fortunate to have a friend whose father was Prof. Dr. Yousef Shawki, a geologist, scientist, musician, music historian and composer - in short a genius. He helped me learn how to "listen" to architecture and "see" music, as reflected in architecture of different places and periods of history. We focused on Islamic Architectures in different parts of the Islamic World and different periods of history. We used a famous book written by the distinguished Egyptian musician in the early twentieth century "Muhammad Kamel al-Khola'ie" a well known music historian and composer in Egypt, Al-Khola�ie wrote articles in literature, music, books and the development of a musical in history. In his book, Al-Khola'ie identified all the "rhythms" that are used in composing music that are the base for any music that can be created. The "Arabic Rhythms" - known as "Al Maqamat Al Arabia" المقامات - used 3 main sounds or beats: Dom, Tick and Silence that are produced by the drums. The "Maqam" is composed of a collection of these beats organized according to specif arrangement and time intervals. Musician create music based on these known Maqamat that are followed by all other instruments. The musician can change from one Maqam to another according to the meaning of words and feelings that he wants to communicate. To make the story short, we compared these strategies with architectural design strategies used in designing several buildings in different parts of the Islamic World during different periods of history. The research was fascinating and very enjoyable. It was "one way" to study this phenomenon of the relationship between architecture and music. There are "sure" many other ways!
Architecture is the mirror of culture! Music is also a product of culture and architecture reflects all aspects of culture. Cultural values that can be "heard" in architecture and can be "seen" in music. The study of the relationship between Music and Architecture should be more rigorous and based on scientific analysis and rigorous methods. We can also "enjoy it" without "studying it" by using our senses to "see what we listen to" and "hear what we see" in order to achieve higher levels or meta-experiences. I think that is what genius people "normally" do, they use their senses to experience the world in different way than we do!
Yasser Mahgoub
Relationship of music and architecture
Really i'm very Interested in this Topic....i'm in the 4th year architecture and my Graduation Project is House of contemporary Music ana i was thinking to use Musical Terms and keys In concept,planing and Form..if Anyone Can help with any data or Projects i'll be Thankful :)
Muhammad Yahia


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