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VAT in Morocco/Building Codes/Insurance
I have a couple questions:

1. Does anybody know anything about value added tax (VAT) laws in Morocco, or where I can look to get valid information?

Where can I find building codes currently in effect in Fez? (Are they the same as the French codes?)

As project coordinator for a building restoration team in Morocco, where can I get insurance coverage for my construction workers? How about insurance for the building itself (earthquake, vandalism, etc.)?

Any ideas would be a big help.
Bonnie Kaplan
VAT in Morocco/Building Codes/Insurance
You can take a look through the 'Guide to Doing Business' published by the World Bank.

They have some info on taxation; summaries are available by country.

If you are working on a historical restoration, you might be able to get tax exemptions if the investment group concerned has recieved government incentives. Hire a professional if you are worried about tax implications.

Hope that helps!
Natasha Ladha


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