Accessible Design
Architecture for the disabled
There are many architectural studies on disabled people in the Western countries but there are very few studies in the Islamic world. I think some studies can be made from the eye of Islamic understanding.
Ozdal Kutlu
Architecture for the disabled
How would these studies differ? From an 'Islamic eye' the nature of activity might vary but doesn't the essence/principle remain the same?
Yumna Moosa
Architecture for the disabled
Hi Ozdal!

I'm following a postgraduate course on assistive technologies or in other words: rehabilitation engineering. I do agree with you that each culture has a different attitude to disabled people. Even the term "disability" has different definitions from the point of view of the field in which you work. Yumna's question on the essence of the architecture for the disabled made me think about this topic a bit more deeply. I can imagine that the Islamic way of understanding has a different approach to it. Would you tell us some of your experiences in this respect?

Zsuzsanna Gabor-Szabo


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