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Strategy for architecture
Dear all,

I am a practicing architect working on my thesis for the MBA i am presently following through. In my thesis i would like to reseach the following issues:

1. Assessing the sustainability of small scale architecture companies in unstable environments,
2. Looking for workable case studies/models that successfully integrate other disciplines to bring in a larger flow of work at times of stagnation in architecture.

I am interested in getting in touch with practicing architects who form part of a medium to small size firm (not exceeding 15 people) who would have interest in communicating and discussing how their company survives unstable work flow in unstable environments.
Joumana al Jabri
Strategy for architecture
though still i'm a student in architecture, sometimes i used to practice proffessionnaly in small architecture companies. so i know a bit how they are sustaining in a crucial situation like here in Dhaka (Bangladesh).

the main trouble here is to get a project to do!! only personal relation and level of communication is important here, nothing else. if some know a lot of people in important area of jobs he may get some work to do!! another trouble is low cost of design, and the conventional system of hiring an architects.
Mohammad Tauheed


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