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Case study for blind children institutions
I'm looking for case studies on "blind children's institutions". I will be grateful if anybody could help me to get the case studies.
Shafiqul Islam
Case study for blind children institutions
It is wonderful your interest in this field. I am sure that our Spanish National Organization to help all kind of handicaped people will help you in any study you are looking for.


They will help you for sure and you have me to help you from Spain in any kind of help you need.
I wish you the best, PEPE
Pepe Arenas
Case study for blind children institutions
Dear Arenas,

Delighted to see your response for my topic. You've given a web address but my dear friend I'm not able to read spanish. Please contact me at this address:
Shafiqul Islam
Case study for blind children institutions

Nice to know that you are working on the same topic as me for my thesis. I need help on planning clues, textures etc. towards my thesis. You may also mail me at I shall forward any info hereafter.

Regarding case study there is one institute in india designed by architect Sanjay Mohe: National Association for the Blind at Bangalore in Karnataka. It is ideal. You may write to him at
Rujuta Ranade
Case study for blind children institutions
Nice to see the same topic.

Well, my topic for the thesis is also a residential school for the blind. Right now I am in a reaserch stage. As soon as I get a some solid matter, I will definitely help you out. Well, I am staying in Mumbai, if you are interested in coming to Mumbai, then do let me know we can have a joint study.
Ankur Shah
Case study for blind children institutions
well, i am a student of architecture...currently in 4th year and preparing for my htesis. i too have the same topic...though i intend to make a MUSEUM FOR THE BLIND. my guides suggested me that it would be appropriate to make an sinsitution inclusive of Museum for the blind....
hereby, i started with my case studies, wherein i studied the Blind People's Association in Ahmedabad...
well, i dont know how to judge an institution for the blind, because, unlike them, we can SEE the institution.
so then what should be the approach for the purpose? and do blind people appreciate art? my initial efforts of interviewing blind have shown a negative direction towards this question. so what should i move ahead with...can any one help?
Anuj Daga


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