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Muslim architects need to wake up!

I have notice that most of the particpation done by Muslims on this site, have little or nothing to do with knowledge. Most questions are so basic and silly, they don't even warrant a second look. This site is not design to do your homework for you. Why not read about topics first before discussing them in these forums. Laziness and apathy are no excuses, work to become better, everything won't be handed to you on a silver platter. You got to struggle!

Don't you understand the concept of this site. It is self-empowerment for Islamic Architecture and this is aided through your own personal efforts and your daily contributions here. So why not give it a try and struggle and reach your full potential. I know you are capable of it. Lets build and become stronger as a community. Inshallah!

Your Friend,
Abdul Basit Mukri
Muslim architects need to wake up!
Dear brother:

Al Salamu Alikum,
When I started )Architects, how did you make it?) I was thinking that I will get a response from some architects around the world to share their stories with the others. I was thinking some Muslim architects will be happy to tell us their stories if they have one. The most will known Muslim architect in the past century was Hassan Fathy, who was known in the west before being known in his homeland! And we all know what is the reason behind this.

It is not a Muslim or a Jewish architect to tell us his story, but it is as you had mentioned, it is the laziness and apathy.

When reading and going through foreign magazines and web site, I feel the great difference between us and them! When you go through a discussion forum at an Arabic web site you will see how much silly are the responses of the architects and the students of architecture at those sites.

What is the solution and where is the problem?

I still remember when I was in front of one of teacher at the school going through Architectural Record magazine, he asked me: Are you reading this magazine? My answer was: No I am just looking at the pictures! I was feeling shame to tell my teacher (who was elder that me by more that 20 years and preparing for his Ph.D at one of the will known universities at the region) that I am a regular reader to this magazine. The same teacher/architect was fighting to teach the subjects of architecture in Arabic and refuses to teach them in English. His witness was that Arabic is the language of the holy Quran and we have to teach architecture in Arabic to be faithful to the language of our holy book!

My dear brother, we are not reading at all, reading is just a hobby to so many of us, where it should be a must since our childhood.
Could you imagine that the architects are not reading and updating their knowledge of buildings, design and other related fields to architecture.
Architecture is a great discipline, it is like physics, law and medicine. Architect have to study and work hard to gain some knowledge and to explore this field.

Let us wake up, we can do it, inshallah.
Salem Yousif Al Qudwa
Muslim architects need to wake up!
i dont agree!
there is nothing like to wake for muslim architects. there are so many architects here who are working so nicely and there works were also celebrated. and architecture is an art it doesnt involves with any community or religion. my opinion about architecture is all about your imaginations and cretivity.
and about the site and its use, then its a site for architecture students or architects or related things not for any community or community dvelopment.
Moazzam Kazi
Muslim architects need to wake up!
Salaam, first and foremost I want to believe that this site does serve a number of purposes which covers information/ knowledge exchange; nobody is perfect in knowledge or otherwise. Maybe we can say more questions are being asked than new knowledge is being exchanged and communicated; that can be remedied by simply and kindly raising this issue but not by condemning.

Secondly, not all architects are lazy, where I come from I've seen quite a number of hard-working architects coming up with different ideas but because of one reason or the other the lazy architects are promoted while the intelligent remain unknown; maybe we should start addressing this issue too by encouraging and promoting our works and talents. Thank you.
Fadeelah Shittu


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