Blimbingsari Airoport
Banyuwangi, Indonesia
Shunning the standardised international style of most airports, this domestic airport embraces a context-conscious design approach. Serving over 110,000 passengers daily, it caters to the hot climate through a large-scale, contemporary interpretation of vernacular passive design principles. Openings and overhangs are optimised for temperature control through natural ventilation and shading. A continuous arrangement from landscape to interior space helps airflow, with lush plantings bringing nature inside the building. The roof is in two sections to distinguish departure and arrival halls, both inspired by traditional Indonesian forms. Its hipped shapes provide a thermal void, and its grass covering further insulation. Daylight inlets on ceilings and façades are filtered through ulin-wood shutters. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Banyuwangi, Indonesia
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Completed 2017
9,385 m²
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Blimbingsari Airoport
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