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15th Cycle: 2020-2022 - Aga Khan Award for Architecture Recipients
Aga Khan Visual Archive: China
Timeline of Islamic Architecture
The Architecture of the Mosque: Historical Roots and Modern Influences
Restoring Dignity
Project: Jewish Communities in the Maghreb and Iberian Peninsula
Qutb Shahi Heritage Park: Annual Reports
Public Library - Karbala (Makiya Archive)
Nizamuddin Urban Renewal Initiative: Annual Reports
Private Houses (Makiya Archive)
Madrid Mosque and Cultural Center (Makiya Archive)
Granada: Alhambra (Waugh Collection)
Écochard: Hama Panoramas
Enhancing the Quality of Urban Life: Fifteen Winning Projects of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Charles Correa Now: Nipun Prabhakar
Clients and Designers: Models of Patronage in the Built Environment / زبناء و مصممون: نماذج للرعاية في إطار البيئة المبنية
Besim S. Hakim
2022 Aga Khan Award for Architecture Shortlisted Projects