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1. Will ARCHNET work on my device?

Archnet works well on the most recent version of any major browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), either on a mobile device or computer. It may work on older or less common browsers as well. If Archnet fails to work properly on your machine, please let us know about your experience by clicking the blue feedback button at bottom right!

2. Will my URLs from earlier versions of Archnet still work?

Yes, if they are from the version launched in January 2013. As of October 12, 2021, all URLs from the old Archnet have been redirected to ARCHNET.  

3. How do I download a/n: 

  • image - Select the image you want to download from search results, a site or an authority. The image will open in your browser. Right click to download. For larger, high-resolution copies, see contact us using 
  • publication - Open the page for the publication in your browser and click the download button. Reprinting Archnet publications is permissible only for personal use. Please contact us for any other requests. 
  • site descriptions and metadata - Site descriptions and metadata can be used for any nonprofit or educational organization with appropriate attribution to the authors and Archnet. 
  • video - Currently video downloads are not possible. If you'd like to use an Archnet video, please contact     

See our Terms of Use for information on how you can use Archnnet material.

4. Can I contribute material to Archnet? 

Yes! See our Contribute page for more information. Calls for specific contributions are also also shared in our social media and on the web site of the Aga Khan Documentation Center at MIT.  

5. What happened to the Archnet Timeline? 

Timeline has migrated into the ARCHNET NEXT Collections page as a category. These collections provide short introductions for each period, often offering lists of additional resources at the end of the entry. Only the timeline graphic listing the periods along a chronological axis has not migrated.

6. My question isn't here. How can I get help? 

If your issue is with using Archnet, use the blue Feedback button to alert us to your issue. This will allow you to include a screenshot or recording. Please, also, feel free to contact us at

We are currently developing the help section of ARCHNET NEXT. In the meantime, please use the blue Feedback button in ARCHNET NEXT to send us feedback or other questions. Contact us at