Outdoor Space Quality: Case Study of a University Campus Plaza
journal article
This article studied the concept of campus plaza, i.e. the outdoor space of the Selcuk University located in Konya, Turkey. The objective of the study in which the survey, observation and photographic methods were used, was to examine the plaza as an outdoor space providing individual and social benefits to campus people and to determine the principles regarding the establishment of this space. Two hundred forty three students participating in the survey were asked about the outdoor spaces they use in the campus area, the qualities of the plaza, their purposes and the frequency of plaza use, and a descriptive analysis was performed to determine the plaza’s quality. Additionally, a correlation analysis was carried out to evaluate the relationship between the landscape accessory and the manner in which the users’ senses were affected by the experienced space (profiles of the space). At the end of this study, two main components determining the campus plaza’s quality were found: (i) qualities of the physical environment (climatic features, location of plaza, its relation with the surrounding structuring, pedestrian / vehicle relation in terms of accessibility, fi xed elements / equipment in the area, quality of open space area, quality of landscape accessory and area’s being in good repair) (ii) user characteristics. User characteristics also comprised two quality criteria: (i) the behavioural and functional quality, (ii) the visual quality.
Aydin, Dicle, and Ter, Ummugulsum. "Outdoor Space Quality: Case Study of a University Campus Plaza," in ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 2, issue 3 (2008).
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Dicle Aydin and Ummugulsum Ter