BC Architects & Studies

BC is BC architects and BC studies and BC materials. BC stands for Brussels Cooperation and points to how BC grew - embedded within place and people. We operate through 3 legal entities registered in Belgium: BC architects bvba (architecture company), BC studies vzw (non-profit), BC materials cv (material production cooperative).

BC is a hybrid practice, designing and undertaking "acts of building" towards systemic change in the construction sector. We strive for bioregional, low-tech, circular, beautiful and inclusive design. We work with our minds and our hands, undertaking activities such as community organisation, material production, contracting, teaching, prototyping. We aim to impact positively on people's ideas and planet. We act on behalf of the generations after us.

Started in between 2009 and 2012, our team currently consists of 4 co-founders and around 15 collaborators, working from Brussels on projects on the European and African continent.

Source: "BC Architects & Studies. About Us." Accessed July 18, 2022.

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