Nurhan Atasoy
Nurhan Atasoy is a renowned scholar of Turkish art and culture. She received her BA, MA, and PhD from the Department of Fine Arts and Art History at Istanbul University. She was a professor at Istanbul University until her retirement in 1999. She still lectures at many international congresses and symposia, and participates in research and international meetings on Turkish and Islamic art throughout the world. She has mounted several important exhibitions, and her book Otag-i Hamayun: the Ottoman Tent Complex won the Textile Society of America’s R. L. Shep Book of the Year Award in 2000. Among other honors, she has also received the Council of Europe’s prestigious Pro Merito Medal and an award from the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in recognition of her outstanding performance in the field of fine arts. Dr. Atasoy has published over seventy articles and more than twenty books including Ibrahim Pasha Palace (1972); Surname-i Humayun: An Imperial Celebration (1997); Dervish Dowry (2000); Garden for the Sultan: Gardens and Flowers in the Ottoman Culture (2002); Harem (2011); İznik with Julian Raby (1989); Ipek: The Crescent & The Rose: Imperial Ottoman Silks and Velvets, with W. Denny, J. Raby, L. W. Mackie, and H. Tezcan (2002); From the Count Ostrorog to Rahmi M. Koç: The Story of a Yali on the Bosphorus (2004); Iznik: The Pottery of Ottoman Turkey (2008); Impressions of Ottoman Culture in Europe: 1453–1699, with Lale Uluç (2012); and Portraits and Caftans of the Ottoman Sultans (2013)

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