Rocco Rante

Researcher-Archaeologist, Louvre Museum, Paris

An expert on the archaeology & history of Iranian cultural regions, Rocco Rante received his PhD in Archaeology and the History of Islamic Art at the University of Provence (Aix-Marseille) in 2009; his dissertation was titled: Rayy: développement de l’urbanisme et culture matérielle (IIe av. J.C.-XIe siècles). He has worked as a researcher-archaeologist at The Louvre since 2008. His publications include: The Greater Khorasan. Actes of the Round Table, ed. Rante ed., Studien Zur Geschichte Und Kultur Des Islamischen Orients, De Gruyter, March 2015; Rayy: from its origins to the Mongol invasion. An Archaeological and Historiographical Study, Brill, Leiden-Boston 2015; Nishapur revisited: Stratigraphy and Pottery of the Qohandez, Annabelle Collinet, Oxbow Books and Louvre, Oxford 2013; "Urban Topography of Iran and Central Asia at the Early Islamic period", The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Archaeology, Walker ed., Oxford 2015; “'Proper Khorasan' & 'Great Khorasan', within a politico-cultural framework", The Greater Khorasan. Actes of the Round Table, Rante ed., Supplément de Der Islam, De Gruyter, Berlin 2015.

Source: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University