Modjtaba Sadria
Modjtaba Sadria is an Iranian-born philosopher, professor at the graduate school and faculty of policy issues at Chuo University in Tokyo. Professor Sadria holds doctorate degrees in philosophy from the University of Paris and in international relations from the University of Quebec at Montreal, and master's degrees in literature, in history, and in philosophy from the University of Paris. Professor Sadria is a specialist in cross-cultural relations and East Asian studies. He lectures widely, including recent presentations on "A Complex World and Many Understandings", "The Possibility of Dialogue After 9.11", "A Perspective of Iranian Foreign Policy: Triangle Relations between Khatami, Nation and Society", "Building Bridges between the United States and Iran", and "Preserving Cultural Integrity and Promoting Dialogue among Civilizations". Professor Sadria is a member of the board of directors of the Institute of Policy and Culture, Tokyo, and from 1999 to 2001, he served as the deputy director for research at the International Center for Dialogue Among Civilizations in Tehran. Professor Sadria has published over 50 books and articles, including "Global Civil Society and Ethics: Finding Common Ground" (Tokyo, 2003), "People Who Live on the Edge of the World" (Tokyo, 2002), "Realism: Trap of International Relations" (1994, in Japanese) and "Prayer for Lost Objects: A Non-Weberian Approach to the Birth of Modern Society" (2003, in Persian).
Variant Names
Modjtaba Sadria