Hermann Kreutzmann
Hermann Kreutzmann holds the Chair of Cultural Geography and Development Studies and is director of the Institute of Geography at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany. His academic career includes studies of anthropology, geography and physics at Hannover and Freiburg University; his Ph.D. was awarded from the Free University in Berlin. Post-doctoral research was conducted within the framework of the interdisciplinary research programme "Culture Area Karakoram" in which he functioned as the field director. Since 1977 he has participated in fieldwork and academic research in South and Central Asia with a special focus on northern Pakistan.

His publications include over a hundred articles in academic journals and proceedings volumes as well as monographs and edited books such as Sharing Water (OUP Karachi 2000) and High Mountain Pastoralism in Northern Pakistan (Stuttgart 2000).

(Source: AKTC)