Mulay 'Ali ibn Rashid
r. 1471-1472 875-876 AH

Wattasid ruler and descendant of the 12th/6th AH century Moroccan saint Mulay 'Abd al-Salam ibn Mshish. He also claimed descent from the Idrisids (8th–10th/2nd-4th AH centuries). Founded the city of Chefchaouen

Source: [;ISL;ma;Mon01;30;en&cp]

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Variant Names
Mulay 'Ali ibn Rashid
Sharif Mulay 'Ali ibn Rashid
Moulay Ali Ben Rached
Mawlay 'Ali Ibn Rashid
Ali ibn Rachid al-Alami
علي بن موسى بن رشيد العلمي
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