Richard Hughes
United Kingdom
Richard Hughes is a trained engineer and building conservator who has undertaken projects for many
international and national organisations including the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, UNESCO/UNDP, ICOMOS, Ove Arup and Partners, and the Egypt Exploration Society. His specialties are structural evaluation and conservation of historic buildings and archaeological sites. He gives scientific advice to many firms of engineers and architects on engineering practices relating to historic sites, as well as correct use of traditional building materials, especially wood, soil and stone. He is internationally
well known for his work on traditional structures in hazard prone areas (affected by earthquakes and floods) and on the new use of soil as a structural building material. Over the last two decades he has conserved many historical wooden buildings in the Northern Areas of Pakistan and is a senior consultant of the AKCS-P team that has won four UNESCO and British Airways conservation awards. He has been extensively involved with the science of in-situ preservation of archaeological remains (including
sites in Britain and Mohenjo Daro) and has widely published on this subject.

(Source: AKTC)
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