Burak Pak

Faculty of Architecture

University of Leuven, Belgium

As a post-doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Architecture and the Research Department of Architecture his research covers an interdisciplinary area between architecture and urban design, participation and digital spatial media. The two main and complementary focus points are enabling bottom-up participation {in} and {through} reflexive research and design practices.

His academic career started at the Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, where he co-founded Information Technologies in Design Graduate Program under direct supervision of the Rector. After completing his Master’s degree in Computational Design in the same faculty, he prepared his PhD in Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture with his co-advisor Prof. Dr. O. Akin in Pittsburgh, PA.

Immediately after completing his PhD in 2009, he was awarded a “Prospective Research for Brussels” three-year post-doctoral research project grant by INNOVIRIS, Brussels Capital-Region’s Institute for Scientific Research. The focus of this project was “Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Research Projects for the Brussels Capital Region”. He completed this project in 2012 and it resulted in a long list of publications, research collaborations, novel projects and allowed him to build expertise on Brussels.

Following this project, he was employed as a full-time researcher and design studio teacher in KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture and made joint research with several non-governmental organizations in Brussels and around the world.

In 2014, this joint international research project proposal “Incubators of Public Spaces” with Prof. dr. J. Verbeke, was awarded a three-year grant by JPI Urban Europe. This ongoing project with University College London, Politecnico di Torino, Innovation Service Network GmbH, Neurovation and City of Torino focuses on novel ways of spatial making through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. He is the co-promoter of this project and another connected PhD project focusing on Urban Commons in Brussels.

Since 2015, he is a member of the research group ‘Urban Projects, Collective Spaces and Local Identities’ with a joint research-line on bottom-up participation {in} and {through} research and design.

He works together with Prof. dr. Yves Schoonjans and Kris Scheerlinck on innovative research proposals and acts as a scientific member of the PhD follow-up committee. He collaborates with the other members of the research group through several research studies incorporating his expertise on ICT-enabled bottom-up participatory design and mapping. He is currently the co-advising three running PhD-projects in the disciplines of architecture and urban design, architectural and urban design learning and building technologies.

Variant Names
Burak Pak