Abdul Wasay Najimi

As a conservation architect A.W. Najimi has been involved in studies, training, and architectural conservation projects in Bamiyan, Kabul, Herat and Badakhshan in Afghanistan, since 1977.  He has also worked in various aid and research works related to Afghanistan between 1986 to 2001.

Najimi joined the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) in 2002. He was manager for conservation of a historic Uzbek-mosque, Timur Shah's Mausoleum and reconstruction of a traditional caravanserai building in Baghe Babur Garden, Kabul, in years 2003-07; Najimi was also involved in the early stage of conservation projects in the Old City of Herat between 2005 – 08 and was consultant on the conservation of Nasir Khusraw Shrine in Badakhshan in 2013; and on-site project reviewer for Aga Khan Award for Architecture projects in Afghanistan and Iran in 2007 and 2013.

As former teacher of architecture at Kabul University he was involved in research on the Historic monuments of Herat Old City and province in 1976-7. Najimi was educated in Afghanistan and Denmark.  He has published articles on Afghanistan Architecture; is author of a book: Herat the Islamic City – 1988, and co-author of the book: The Ghurid Portal, of the Friday Mosque of Herat, 2015. In addition to supporting technically the conservation projects of cultural Heritage by AKTC he has trained students of Kabul University in architecture, building archaeology and conservation both at classroom and on site in 2009-2016.