Aly Raafat
Dr. Aly Raafat is a Professor of Architecture at Cairo University and a practising architect.

His books of Architecture were published in Cairo, New York and Moscow. He has designed and supervised different public and private projects inside Egypt and abroad. He received the medal of Excellence in 1986, and the state award of appreciation in Architecture in 1990.

Graduating from Cairo University with a B.Arch. degree in 1949, Dr. Raafat was appointed as a lecturer at Cairo University in 1949, where he was promoted to be the Head of the Department of Architecture in 1988. He got a Fulbright Scholarship for graduate studies in the U.S.A., and received his master's degree in 1955 from University of Michigan and his Ph.D. in architecture from Colombia University in 1957.

He has been teaching theory of architectural design and supervising masters and Ph.D. theses at the Cairo University Architecture Department from 1958 onwards. Dr. Raafat has delivered public lectures on the theory of art and architecture all over the Arab World.

Inter-Consult was established by Dr. Aly Raafat in Cairo in 1949. The firm's activities soon extended to Jeddah in 1960, Riyadh in 1973, Dubai in 1974, Sharjah in 1975, Bahrain in 1976 and Abu-Dhabi in 1977 with established and operating braches. It is one of the most widely spread consulting firms in the Arab world.

Text modified from biography on the Inter-Consult homepage, [Accessed July 23, 2004]
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