Paul Collart
Paul Collart was a Swiss archaeologist (1902-1981), Professor at the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva. In 1953, UNESCO entrusted him with the inventory of the cultural property of Syria and Lebanon. Between 1963 and 1970 he was the Director of the Swiss Institute of Rome.

Since 1926, Paul Collart traveled extensively in the Mediterranean and beyond and started assembling an important photographic collection with his wife Madeleine. Today, the depository of the Paul Collart archive is the Institute of Archaeology and Ancient History of Lausanne University. The archive consists of 38 albums, 4000 black and white photographs, in addition to 1000 photographs not yet digitized, documentation of 190 sites, 100 original drawings, 500 letters and 20 excavation notebooks.The collection represents his work as an archaeologist, and demonstrates his interest in photography.
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