Anmahian Winton Architects
United States

Alex Anmahian and Nick Winton founded AW–ARCH with a commission for an urban health crisis center, challenging them to consider the agency of architecture in the context of an important community resource. The design elevated the project’s program with an interpretive design solution that was both analytical and intuitive. The project synthesized architecture, landscape, and urbanism, won numerous design awards, and set AW on a trajectory of ever complex and compelling projects for individuals, institutions, and communities.

Today, each AW project brings to bear 25 years of project by project expertise and investigation through open collaboration and critical discourse with our network of trusted design and engineering partners. Our work is energized by the specific, complex, and often contradictory conditions of a project, resulting in a broad portfolio of work that often defies easy classification but always seeks to inspire, to educate, and to enhance the experience of everyday life.


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