A Framework for Exploring the Sense of Community and Social Life in Residential Environments
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Sense of community and social life are two key concepts related to social cohesion, which have been the subject of extensive studies in several disciplines including sociology, psychology and built environment. Social life studies have been mostly conducted in the built environment discipline focusing on city centres; while sense of community studies were mostly the target of sociologists and psychologists focusing on neighbourhoods. As a result, the role of the built environment on the sense of community and social life of neighbourhoods is considered as a missing gap in the literature. This paper, through defining the concepts of social life and sense of community, aims to develop a conceptual framework for further implementation in future research. Accurate implication and interpretation of the concepts show that neighbourhoods can include the sense of community in the residential environment and the social life in the commercial environment. This is because residential environments are where residents’ requirements can be met through their commitment to the community and commercial environments are the fulcrum of interaction and communication.

Keywords: Neighbourhood; Sense of community; Social life; locality.

Farahani, Leila Mahmoudi and Mirjana Lozanovska. "A Framework for Exploring the Sense of Community and Social Life in Residential Environments." Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 8, issue 3 (2014): 223-237.
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Leila Mahmoudi Farahani & Mirjana Lozanovska, licensed under CC-BY-ND-NC