Teaching Islamic Architecture: An Introduction to Introducing the Subject
presentation slides

This presentation was conceived as a way to introduce to instructors some of the topics one might encounter while teaching the history of Islamic architecture. It is intended for instructors to review for themselves and is not intended to be delivered to students. Much of the material here has been previously presented in a public lecture and is provided here for wider dissemination. This presentation includes a brief introduction to the subject’s historiography, challenges in teaching the material, as well as a brief assessment of some popular textbooks. If one is embarking upon a ‘World’ or ‘Global’ survey of art or architectural history the information in this presentation can provide a valuable background and greater accessibility for anyone wishing to teach any aspect of Islamic art and architecture.

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Hedrick, Christian. “Teaching Islamic Architecture: An Introduction to Introducing the Subject.” Presentation developed for Archnet.org, Aga Khan Documentation Center, Cambridge, MA, 2015.
Aga Khan Documentation Center at MIT