Light Rail Transit and Land Use in Qatar: An Integrated Planning Strategy for al-Qassar's Tod
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The State of Qatar is presently facing the development of major transport infrastructure, to be finalized (A) by 2022 for the planned FIFA World Cup and (B) by 2030, as envisioned by the comprehensive national development planning strategy, also named Qatar National Vision (QNV-2030). The under-development metro system foresees the construction of four main lines. In addition, Doha, the capital city of the State of Qatar, is experiencing the progress of (1) prestigious mega projects and (2) several transit villages around the major metro stations. These projects are the manifestation of the deliberate attempt of Qatar to establish Doha as the service, economic and cultural hub of Middle East. Currently, traffic is considered a major concern: ‘Park-and-Ride’ facilities along train stations may reduce the general amount of vehicles on the road network and provide a ‘stress-free’ passenger experience when transitioning to and from the new Doha Metro System. Therefore, one of major challenges for urban planners is guaranteeing that all metro-stations and facilities (A) are fully integrated within the urban context of their surroundings and (B) provide multi modal transportation facilities. This urban planning strategy aims at reducing traffic through the design of compacted, mixed used transit villages, or Transit Oriented Developments (TODs). This paper explores the case of the neighborhood of Al-Qassar metro station. The exploration starts with the review of the relevant literature and the analysis of the site. Finally, the resultant planning-strategy for an integrated conceptual development of AL-Qassar-TOD envisions the development of a compact transit village, which contributes to reduce the traffic, to enhance pedestrian connectivity and to shape a liveable community.

Keywords: Land use; built environment; transit villages; Al-Qassar metro station
Furlan, Raffaello and Mooza AlMohannadi. "Light Rail Transit and Land Use in Qatar: An Integrated Planning Strategy for al-Qassar's TOD." ArchNet IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 10, issue 3 (2016): 170-192.
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Raffaello Furlan, Mooza AlMohannadi