Chapter 4: Catalogue of the Cleveland Mir'at al-Quds, Acc. No. 2005.145
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Chapter Four of Mir’āt al-quds (Mirror of Holiness): A Life of Christ for Emperor Akbar. This study examines the Mir'at al-Quds (Mirror of Holiness), an account of the life of Christ written by a Jesuit missionary to the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar, who took an interest in Christianity. Three illustrated copies exist, the most important of which is in the Cleveland Museum of Art and forms the basis of this study. The text, originally in Persian, is translated to English for the first time by Wheeler M. Thackston. Chapter Four contains a detailed catalogue of the images in the copy of Mir'at al-Quds housed in the Cleveland Museum of Art (Acc. No. 2004.145). This study is part of the series Studies and Sources on Islamic Art and Architecture: Supplements to Muqarnas, Volume XII.
Carvalho, Pedro de Moura.  Mir’āt al-quds (Mirror of Holiness): A Life of Christ for Emperor Akbar: A Commentary on Father Jerome Xavier’s Text and the Miniatures of Cleveland Museum of Art, Acc. No. 2005.145, ix-x. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 2012.
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