Learning at the Aga Khan Museum: A Curricular Resource Guide for Teachers Grades One to Eight
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Learning at the Aga Khan Museum: A Curriculum Resource Guide for Teachers, Grades One to Eight gives teachers ideas and resources for using the Aga Khan Museum collections, exhibitions, and performing arts programs to teach core competency skills in Arts, Sciences, Mathematics, Literacy, and Social Studies while fulfilling specific expectations in the Ontario Ministry Curriculum. 

As a teacher, you can use this Guide in the classroom and access other resources such as high-resolution images on the Aga Khan Museum website. You can also use the Guide as additional help in the galleries during a class visit to the Museum. 

The Guide is divided into five sections:
  • Section One: Introduction gives a general introduction to the Aga Khan Museum and ways to understand its core mission, vision, and values, as well as a brief background on the significant  cross-cultural exchanges that have always characterized the history of the arts in Muslim civilizations.
  • Section Two: Art-Based Learning describes the ways teachers can use works of art — whether visual or performing arts — to foster learning and understanding with their students. 
  • Section Three: Learning with Aga Khan Museum Resources gives examples from the Aga Khan  Museum Permanent Collection, or from performances in the Museum’s auditorium, to illustrate  
  • the method of art-based learning for specific school grades. This method involves posing questions and conducting activities that engage students in active inquiry. 
  • Section Four: Lesson Plans includes lesson plans that demonstrate step by step how to use the Museum’s resources to fulfill the Ontario Curriculum requirements.
  • Section Five features a glossary of terms and a list of resources for further exploration.

Bentley, Patricia, and Ruba Kana'an. Learning at the Aga Khan Museum A Curriculum Resource Guide for Teachers Grades One to Eight. Toronto, ON: Aga Khan Museum, 2015. https://www.agakhanmuseum.org/learn/educators#teachers.
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