Unified Architectural Theory (Arabic)/النظرية المعمارية الموحدة

This booklet contains selected chapters from Unified Architectual Theory, which originally appeared online at http://www.archdaily.com/tag/unified-architectural-theory/ and in book form (Salingaros, Nikos A, and Christopher Alexander. 2013. Unified Architectural Theory. Portland, Or.: Sustasis Foundation.).

What theory generates the architecture of a new, sustainable built environment that saves us from environmental collapse? This approach to architecture is very different from the way it is currently taught, and suggests a new attitude towards the discipline itself. Widespread damage to culture occurs when common people are influenced by extractive globalism to build against human nature, and politicians approve monstrous buildings just because they see those images in the media. The Arabic-speaking world has a beautiful tradition of architecture set in a characteristically complex urban fabric, and contemporary architects and urbanists should pay more attention to those. After reading this book, clients and government officials can feel secure enough to respect their local architectural traditions. Backed by the arguments that I offer, intelligent people can insist that thousands of years of culture, including practical knowledge about low-cost sustainability, not be violated by flashy and unsustainable alien importations. This synthesis makes sense of buildings from all ages: historical, vernacular, to cutting-edge architectural creations. This book cuts through the often-incomprehensible fog of contemporary architectural discourse to reveal sound theoretical foundations for design. By introducing scientific thinking into architecture, one can actually estimate simple numerical factors that contribute to the adaptive and emotional success of a building.

--Nikos Salingaros, 2017


Salingaros, Nikos. Unified Theory of Architecture (Arabic). 22 Architectural Group, translators. 22 Architectural Group,  2017. 

Nikos A. Salingaros
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