Investigating the Effect of Employing Immersive Virtual Environment on Enhancing Spatial Perception within Design Process
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The recent developments in Information Technology (IT) and digital media have introduced new opportunities to design studio and new dimensions to design and architecture. The current research studies how the immersion of Virtual Reality (VR) in architectural design studio affects spatial perception through the design process. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of using such environments on changing the way how to design for human experience: how it will improve students' spatial understanding of Three Dimensions (3D) volumes, and how it will enhance their imagination, enrich their creativity and promote their ability to experience their design's sensations. This study hypothesizes that using an immersive virtual environment in design studio will empower students' imaginations and give them the ability to understand and experience their ideas. It will give them the opportunity to check their design's validity with greater 3D exploration, understanding and comprehension of spatial volumes.  Within a framework of an experimental design research, a series of experiments was conducted to evaluate what had been assumed.  The research used teaching, monitoring, explanatory observation and evaluation methods. The results showed that VR can not only enhance spatial perception and improve the design, but also it can affect the design process and make changes in the architectural design way of thinking. It can help designers to incorporate human experience within the design process. 


virtual reality; immersive virtual environment; design studio; architectural education; design process; human experience

Abu Alatta, Rawan Taisser and Ahmed Abdallah Freewan. "Investigating the Effect of Employing Immersive Virtual Environment on Enhancing Spatial Perception within Design Process." Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research 11, no. 2 (March 2017): 219-238.

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Rawan Taisser Abu Alatta, Ahmed Abdullah Freewan