Book Review: The Social Ecology of Border Landscapes
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The Social Ecology of Border Landscapes, edited by Grichting and Zebich-Kros, is part of the Anthem Series on International Environmental Policy, which seeks to provide new evidence-based insights on global environmental governance. The book attempts to address this objective by inviting a wide variety of authors from various disciplines to contribute international case studies on border landscapes. All these studies are situated in the field of critical social theory and social ecology in particular – a subject that is focused on the complex interrelationships between nature and society. The wide range of scientific perspectives on social-ecological systems is categorised into four main parts: Frames, Bridges, Corridors and Portals. This structure functions as a suitable guide to distinguish major focal points within the rather complex discourse.


border landscapes; social ecology; post conflict; contested space
Wiedmann, Florian. "Book Review: The Social Ecology of Border Landscapes." Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research 11, issue 2, March 2017: 239-241.
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