The Book of Arsanjan
اس‍ک‍ن‍دری‌، اک‍ب‍ر و اسکندرى، نسرين. ارسنجان نامه. ش‍ی‍راز: ن‍وی‍د ش‍ی‍راز، ١٣٨۵، ٣۶٨ص.

Iskandari, Akbar and Iskandari, Nasrin. Arsanjan Namah. Shiraz: Navid Shiraz, 2006, 368pp.

The Book of Arsanjan

ارسنجان نامه

The Book of Arsanjan is the first contemporary volume written about this city. The preface, written by Iraj Afshar, is in essence a commentary about the book. From the preface and text, it appears that unlike surrounding areas, the city of Arsanjan does not have historical artefacts and the oldest documents about it date back only to the Safavid period. Due to the limited available written history, all of the material gathered about the history and geography of the city is covered in the first one hundred pages. Amidst these pages, useful general information about water canals and how they were arranged can be found. 

The rest of the book covers the culture of proverbs and includes a glossary of the dialect of the people of Arsanjan. In addition, the end of the book contains a collection of local poems, games, and beliefs of the people of Arsanjan along with some commentary. If the aim of the authors was to write a complete monograph, they should have addressed other issues such as the structure of the family and the genealogy of important families from this city. From the content and the layout of the illustrations, it appears that the book is a collection of everything that has ever been written or documented about the city of Arsanjan.

Approximately eighty photos and documents are collected in this book, and not all are of great significance. At times, the representations of local lullabies and poems read more like descriptions than actual translations of verses or terminology. Ultimately, the book is a worthy effort at writing about a city that has not yet been written about. The main audience of the Book of Arsanjan is likely to be those interested in the culture of Fars province, anthropologists, and linguists. 

Iradj Esmailpour Ghouchani
Translated by Niki Akhavan
Esmailpour Ghouchani, Iradj. '"English abstract of 'The Book of Arsanjan'". Translated by Niki Akhavan. In Cities as Built and Lived Environments: Scholarship from Muslim Contexts, 1875 to 2011, by Aptin Khanbaghi, 19. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.
Muslim Civilisations Abstracts - The Aga Khan University
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