Urban Anthropology
.فکوهى، ناصر. ‏انسان‌شناسى شهرى. تهران: نشر نى، ٢٠٠٥، ۶٠٨ص

Fukuhi, Nasir. Insanshinasi-yi Shahri. Tehran: Nashr-i Nay, 2005, 608pp.


Urban Anthropology

انسان‌شناسى شهرى

This is an anthropological book focusing on urban study. More precisely, it provides a good introduction to urban anthropology and is useful to both anthropologists and sociologists. 

In the first section, the historical evolution of urban civilisations is thoroughly explained. It covers a vast period of time, beginning from the pre-historical era up to the present, even referring to futuristic cities. Moreover, the author exposes the existing theories on urbanisation in order to provide a theoretical framework for research in urban anthropology. 

The various terms pertaining to urban anthropology are explained in the third chapter: city-space, city-time, city-economy, city-authority and violence, city-culture and ghettos. 

Finally, the author discusses the importance of urban anthropology in Iran, where this field of study is relatively new. He presents chronologically a number of research projects produced in Iran and, based on an anthropological approach, examines the works on ancient towns and modern metropolitan areas in the country. He also depicts the methods, both descriptive and analytic, employed in urban anthropology and urban ethnography.

 The book introduces general theories for evaluating cities from an anthropological perspective. This innovative approach distinguishes this book from other research on Iranian cities. There are many overlaps in the author’s methods and theories with those used in other fields such as urbanisation, architecture, urban planning, and geography; as well as urban sociology.

This book includes various maps, tables and charts to support the arguments presented by the author.

Arash Fazli Shamsabadi
Translated by Alireza Vaziri Zadeh and Aptin Khanbaghi
Shamsabadi, Arash Fazli. '"English abstract of 'Urban Anthropology'". Translated by Alireza Vaziri Zadeh and Aptin Khanbaghi. In Cities as Built and Lived Environments: Scholarship from Muslim Contexts, 1875 to 2011, by Aptin Khanbaghi, 53. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.
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