The City of Cairo from the Rule of Mohammed Ali to Ismail, 1805–1879
اسماعيل، محمد حسام الدين. مدينة القاهرة من ولاية محمد علي الى اسماعيل ١٨٠٥-١٨٧٩م. القاهرة: دار الآفاق العربية، ١٩٩٧، ٤٩٦ص

Ismaʻil, Muhammad Husam al-Din. Madinat al-Qahirah: min Wilayat Muhammad ʻAli ila Ismaʻil, 1805-1879. Cairo: Dar al-Afaaq al-Arabiyyah, 1997, 496pp.


City of Cairo from the Rule of Mohammed Ali to Ismail 1805-1879

مدينة القاهرة من ولاية محمد علي الى اسماعيل ١٨٠٥-١٨٧٩م 

The book consists of 496 pages, and reviews the urban development of the city of Cairo addressing respectively the eras of Mohammed Ali, ‘Abbas and Sa‘id Pashas, and Khedive Ismail. It discusses specifically how political and economic conditions impacted on the urban expansion plans, and the influence of European architects on the new design of the city during this era. 

The volume consists of three chapters divided into sections and sub-sections. Each chapter reviews the features of the political and economic scene during the respective eras and their impact on urbanisation plans, outlines the urban development plans for the city, and provides a record of construction works and architect designs commissioned by the Khedive or his statesmen, such as palaces, schools, churches and mosques, factories, hospitals, railways, and others. The book also includes a number of appendices: namely, maps of Cairo and internal designs of a number of buildings in the city; the personnel and figures mentioned in the book; locations and countries; terms; groups and sects.

The work provides a general review of the construction and development of Cairo from the seventh till the nineteenth century, but its importance lies in the detailed account of the developments witnessed during the nineteenth century leading to the city that we know today. It gives a detailed record of the geographical expansion of the city as well as the changes that occurred in the old Cairo and the establishment of new quarters to its west. However, it does not examine the impact of such changes on the social and economic life in the city. 

Reham Samy Hassan
Samy Hassan, Reham. “English abstract of 'of City of Cairo from the Rule of Mohammed Ali to Ismail 1805-1879'". Translated by Reham Samy Hassan. In Cities as Built and Lived Environments: Scholarship from Muslim Contexts, 1875 to 2011, by Aptin Khanbaghi, 79. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.
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